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LLM & Python developer

As a freelance Python developer, I specialize in integrating Large Language Models using Django and Kubernetes. I excel in creating custom LLM solutions, directly aligning with client needs for effective, innovative outcomes.


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Certified Kubernetes developer


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LLM Courses I offer

Bridging the gap between learning and doing

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Integrating LLMs into existing products

Intensive course/hackathon experience tailored for businesses, focused on empowering Python developers with the expertise to effectively incorporate LLMs into their company's existing technological infrastructure
8 hours
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LLM Projects I made

Expanding my expertise to better serve and guide clients

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Analysing OpenAI tokens and embeddings in various languages
This article examines the behavior of OpenAI's embeddings and tokenization in different languages, comparing their efficiency and linguistic adaptability across a multilingual spectrum.
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Exploring Google Vertex tokens and embeddings in various languages
This piece explores the functioning and efficiency of Google Vertex's language processing features, scrutinizing how it handles various languages and adapts to diverse linguistic challenges.
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Digging deeper into OpenAI speech to text API
Analyzing OpenAI's Text-to-Speech API. A Closer Look at Its Pricing, Speed, and Audio Quality in Practical Applications.

Events I spoke at

Sharing knowledge to ignite curiosity

PyCon SK

This talk investigated how well Large Language Models work in various languages by discussing token usage differences, cross-lingual embedding effectiveness, and reasoning skills across languages. It reviewed models from OpenAI, Google, and open-source projects.

Python Pizza

The presentation explored LLM efficiency across languages, focusing on token economy variations, cross-lingual embeddings' effectiveness in bridging language gaps, and comparing reasoning abilities in different languages.

Prague GenAI meetup

The presentation discussed the efficiency of GPT token encoding for non-English languages and introduced new OpenAI features like text-to-speech and Assistant APIs

Prague Python Meetup

The presentation explored language models' handling of non-English languages, examining token usage costs across languages and investigating embedding distances for non-English terms in native and translated forms, to understand potential variations and implications.


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Kubernetes Certified Application Developer

Why me

Crafting the future with Python skills and a passion for LLM

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01. About me

With plenty of professional experience under my belt, I keep things informal but always professional. I love getting into new tech, always with a keen eye for quality craftsmanship.

02. Interests and Hobbies

Blending deep technical skills with a passion for 3D Printing, Hardware, and Machine Learning. This unique mix enables me to deliver impactful, user-centric solutions in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

03. Tech Stack
  • Python
  • Django
  • Docker
  • LangChain
  • GCP